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Conferencing for Serious Offenses: An Exploration (includes Facing the Demons)

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5 DVDs plus 1 CD-ROM (includes Facing the Demons in separate package)

This thought-provoking, interactive, “do-it-yourself” seminar package provides DVD videos and a CD-ROM with printable Facilitator Guide and Participant Handout for a group of professionals, students or others to examine the use of restorative conferencing in response to serious offenses.

Day One of the seminar employs Facing the Demons — winner of Australian TV’s 2000 Logie Award for “Most Outstanding Documentary” — to explore conferencing as a response to murder. This riveting film concerns the homicide of a young man and the conference that was held four years later, in which the murder victim’s friends and family confront the offenders face to face. Exclusive videos of follow-up interviews, filmed a year after the conference, highlight the long-term impact of restorative processes on the lives of participants.

On Day Two, psychiatrist Donald Nathanson, author of Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the Self, and prison psychologist Roger Blake provide additional thoughts for group discussion. The focus then shifts to restorative conferencing and sexual abuse. The video Kathy’s Story is a young woman’s remarkably articulate and emotional first-person account of long-term sexual abuse, her troubled passage to adulthood and her journey toward healing, which included a restorative conference.

The seminar package provides detailed directions for using the videos. Also included are instructions on how to run a “circle,” which is the format used to structure discussion in the seminar. The use of the circle process provides a truly restorative experience that encourages active participation from everyone attending the seminar.

Created by the International Institute for Restorative Practices, a world leader in restorative practices education, this is a valuable seminar for people working in victim services, courts, corrections, probation, parole, counseling, therapy, faith institutions, and for any other interested groups, including students in a wide variety of disciplines. The seminar modules are easily adapted to classroom education schedules.

Please note: This seminar is not intended to train participants to facilitate restorative conferences, but to enhance their understanding of the potential and the implications of conferencing for serious offenses.

“This seminar gave me a new way of thinking, talking and sharing with my clients.”
— Christina Paugh-Greenwood, Adult Probation Officer, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

“Most helpful to me was learning about the conference process and how it can positively influence a person’s life.”
— Patricia Lewis, State Cabinet for Families and Children, Kentucky, USA

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