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Facing the Demons & Commentary Bundle

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Facing the Demons: 60 minutes/Commentary: 30 minutes
Produced by:
Facing the Demons: The Dee Cameron Company/Commentary: IIRP
Facing the Demons: Chinese, Dutch, English, Spanish

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Facing the Demons (trailer)
'Facing the Demons' is the story of a journey to bring the family and friends of a murdered boy together in one room with those convicted of his killing. On one fateful night in 1994, a murder opened up a huge well of unresolved pain, guilt, anger, confusion and frustration. The murdered boy, it soon became clear, was not the only victim of this crime. In this heart rending story we meet a cast of wonderful characters. On the victim's side are the mother and the father, as well as friends and co-workers. On the other are two of the four convicted of the murder. And in the middle, the man determined to bring them all together is Senior Sergeant Terry O'Connell of the NSW Police Service. The confrontation between them offers an opportunity for all those traumatised by the event to hear, for the first time ever, the other's side of the story. Talking directly to each other they have a chance to vent built up emotions, to find answers to unresolved questions and perhaps find a way to move ahead in their lives which have been indelibly affected by a horrific and senseless crime.
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    'Facing the Demons' is the story of a journey to bring the fam...

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Purchase both Facing the Demons and Commentary on Facing the Demons and save $10.

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Facing the Demons

Facing the Demons is an hour-long documentary video about the journey of the family and friends of murdered victim Michael Marslew, confronting face-to-face in a conference two of the offenders responsible for Michael's death.

Facing the Demons originally aired on the ABC, Australia's public television network. It won an award for "best television documentary of 1999" at the 2000 Logies Awards, the Australian equivalent of the Emmy Awards. In 2000 Facing the Demons earned the United Nations Association Award for Best Television in its annual Media Peace Awards.


A free 8-page study guide is available to download as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. The study guide, written by Ted Wachtel, provides background on Facing the Demons, information about restorative practices and learning exercises for classrooms.

Commentary on Facing the Demons: The Facilitator's Perspective

The 30-minute Commentary on Facing the Demons: The Facilitator’s Perspective is an essential companion to the Facing the Demons video. Commentary by Terry O’Connell — the Australian police sergeant who facilitated the dramatic conference — answers questions and addresses issues raised by the documentary.

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