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Managing Shame, Preventing Violence



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67 minutes
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The Silvan S. Tomkins Institute

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The Compass of Shame
In this clip from the DVD "Managing Shame - Preventing Violence" Dr. Donald Nathanson, a pioneering leader in the development of our understanding of affect theory and affect script theory, describes his "Compass of Shame" model. The DVD is available at: http://shop.tomkins.org/ To read our interview with Dr. Nathanson: http://www.childrenofthecode.org/interviews/nathanson.htm "we can no longer assume that what we think children should learn is more important than how well they can learn" Learning Stewards http://www.learningstewards.org
  • The Compass of...
    In this clip from the DVD "Managing Shame - Preventing Violenc...

Product Description

This video, developed in 2003 for American clergy and presented by the Silvan S. Tomkins Institute, has wide application in many settings. In it, Donald L. Nathanson, world-renowned psychiatrist, explains that the interpersonal violence in modern society can best be explained as inappropriate responses to shame. Restorative practices such as conferences and circles are consistent with Nathanson’s suggested remedies.

The video, based on the studies of Donald L. Nathanson, executive director of the Silvan S. Tomkins Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and author of Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex and the Birth of the Self, explains why Americans resort to sudden and explosive violence, and offers new ways to make our world safer. It asks that we view violence as the most visible and troubling form of a problem that also includes issues like rudeness, incivility and addictions. Nathanson links these ills to a radical change in the way our culture handles the natural emotion of shame. What we see as “shameless” and “violent” behaviors are actually well-understood forms of the response to shame.

The disk can also be inserted into a computer to access a 75-page manual, containing a video transcript, an essay by Nathanson and a set of shame awareness exercises.

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